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PHH Phase II Planning Workshop in Copenhagen

4-6 March, the PHH Secretariat hosted a Phase II Planning Workshop gathering the representatives from the PHH partner institutions in Ghana, Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar and the Danish Implementing Committee Leaders.

2013.03.13 | Bjørg Elvekjær

During the three-day Planning Workshop, the activities and budgets for the Platform on Human Health activities were finalised.  

Professor Edward Tsiri Agbenyega from KNUST, Professor Richard Adanu from University of Ghana, Dr Steve Mwakalinga from KCMC, Dr Julius Massaga from NIMR, Omar Mwalim representing ZCHS, and Dr Haji Mwevura from SUZA worked closely with the Danish Implementing Committee Leaders and finalised the workplans for the Phase II in their respective institutions.

The first draft of the PHH's Phase II application was sent to the Universitites Denmark on Monday 11 March 2013.

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