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PHH Newsletter 9

Read more about Danida's plans to reorganize and refocus the BSU initiative...

2013.08.28 | Bjørg Elvekjær

You may already have been informed that Danida has announced plans to reorganize and refocus the BSU initiative with effect from Phase II.

In brief Danida is calling for a more lean and simple management structure on the Danish side, and more responsibility and influence placed among Southern partners.

  • The thematic platforms and their secretariats will be phased out by the end of December 2013
  • The total number of BSU South partner institutions has been cut down from 11 to 7
  • PhD scholarships and activities aimed at supporting master programmes will not qualify for BSU support in the future but funding for the completion of activities in theses categories initiated in phase I will be available.
  • No funds will be available to support the continuation of the Thematic Working Groups under PHH.

The funds in the Communication and Dissemination Grant ("the DKK 19 mill.") remain earmarked for original purposes and partners, and will be handled via designated Task Forces and bilateral agreements with each of the partners.

Read more about the background and the implications in PHH Newsletter 9.


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