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2012.10.30 | BSU, BSUEC, BSUGE, BSUHH, BSUSDR, General news

Joint BSU PhD Assignment Holders Meeting

On 12 November, BSU resource persons representing all the four platforms gather at the University of Copenhagen to share information and experiences regarding BSU assignments on PhD co-supervision and course development.

2012.10.25 | BSUHH

Working Group on Climate Change and Health

Working Group on Climate Change and Health meets on 13 November at the University of Copenhagen.

2012.09.05 | BSUHH

Presentations from BSU workshop

Presentations from the Building Stronger Universities (BSU) Networking and Planning Workshop that took place from 27-29 August in Roskilde, are available at the general BSU homepage (

2012.08.31 | BSUHH

'e-Health in Africa' meeting

The next meeting of the Thematic Working Group on ”e-Health in Africa” will take place 5 September at 13:00 in Copenhagen.

2012.08.22 | BSUHH, BSU, General news

PHH Newsletter 5

Read about PHH activities and new assignments in the latest PHH Newsletter.

2012.08.14 | BSUHH, BSU

Partners from Ghana, Tanzania and Zanzibar in Denmark

Representatives from Platform on Human Health’s partner universities in Africa will be in Denmark from 27 August to 1 September to participate in a BSU workshop and internal Platform meetings.

2012.07.05 | BSUHH

Guinea Bissau Research Seminar

The Guinea Bissau Working Group is organising a 2-day Research Seminar on Guinea Bissau at the University of Southern Denmark, 21-22 September 2012.

2012.06.06 | BSUHH, BSU, General news

PHH Newsletter 4

In this issue you will find announcements of new assignments with PHH in Tanzania and Ghana.

2012.05.22 | BSUHH

Father's Day Seminar

Working Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health organised an open seminar on men, masculinities, fathers and sexual and reproductive health in developing countries on 31 May.

2012.05.16 | BSUHH

New thematic working group on e-Health in Africa

Kick-off meeting held in Copenhagen on 30 May 2012.

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