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External review report of BSU Phase I: Building Stronger Universities in Developing Countries: A program review report for Universities Denmark by David Manyanza (Development Solutions Consultancy) & Johan Helland (Chr. Michelsen Institute), March 2013.

BSU application: Special grant for activities within Research Communication, Dissemination and Networking, November 2012.

PHH Inception Report, Phase I (2011-2013) (complete with Annexes, incl. Draft MoUs and LoAs), approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.
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PHH Proposal Phase I (2011-2013)


    1-2 November 2011: Platform on Human Health's Annual Meeting and Fundraising Seminar

    15 September 2010: Platform on Human Health Launch


    PREPARE-PhD (November 2011): Promoting Excellence in PhD Research Programmes in East Africa, external evaluation of an EU EDULINK funded capacity building project under the STRAPA agreement.

    DDRN (July 2011): Producing knowledge for Development Together.

    OECD (April 2011): Global Science Forum: Opportunities, Challenges and Good Practices In International Research Cooperation between Developed and Developing Countries.

    Hjortsø, C.N. (2010): Guidleines for project management within Research Capcity Building (ENRECA - experience) 1989-2008.

    Accomplishments of the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa, 2000–2010.

    Hydén, J. (October 2010): "Mapping the World of Higher Education and Research Funders: Actors, Models, Mechanisms and Programs"

    DFID (June 2010): How to note: Capacity Building in Research.

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