Bachelor of Natural Sciences

Naturvidenskab, Roskilde University

The natural sciences are crucial for understanding the real world, society development and a basis for technology, innovation and production. Interdisciplinarity is about crossing traditional disciplinary boundaries and creating different scientific traditions of working together in untraditional ways. Most full degree students chose to combine two subjects, which provide an insight and qualifications within the two disciplines, giving them a unique interdisciplinary knowledge.

Duration: 3 år

Language: Danish

Credits/ECTS: 180 ETCS, heraf 37.5 dedikeret Medicinalbiologi


Application deadline: Den koordinerede tilmelding til danske universitetsstudier, se kot-frister

Contact: N/A

Individual Courses: Molecules of Life, 7.5 ECTS

Anatomisk Fysiologi, 6 ECTS

Medicinalbiologisk introduktionskursus, 3 ECTS

Farmakologi og Toksikologi, 6 ECTS

Projekt i Medicinalbiologi, 15 ECTS



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