PhD International Development Studies

Doctoral School of Society and Globalisation (DSSG), Roskilde University

PhD education within DSSG draws on experience of its constituting PhD programs including the Graduate School in International Development Studies, which began at RUC in 1992. Since then, DSSG has awarded over 112 PhDs to students from all over the world. Currently enrolled PhD students include students from Brazil, India, Kenya, South Africa and Zambia. International collaboration with faculty and students from developing countries has produced competent PhDs who are able to contribute to the economic, social and political development in the societies where they are located. Additionally, the problem-based learning environment and international experience of the Doctoral School of Society and Globalisation (DSSG) collaboration provides innovation in working across traditional North-South divides so these skilled and motivated graduates can address local and global problems.

Duration: 3 years

Language: English

Credits/ECTS: Must take 30 ECTS

Price: N/A

Application deadline: N/A

Contact: Administrative Coordinator - Gorm Nissen ( / Director – Prof. Lisa Ann Richey (

Individual Courses: N/A

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