Global Health Courses

Organised by University, level (Bachelors, Summer Schools, Masters, PhD) and alphabetical order


Global health, civil society support and sustainable development

This Bachelor level course has as an objective to provide students with a theoretical introduction to global health, principles of civil society support and sustainable development as well as the opportunity to concretize these principles though contact with and study of a Danish NGO with an international focus area.

Clinical Global Infectious Diseases

This summer school course in clinical global infectious diseases will give you an introduction to the major infectious diseases with emphasis on geographical differences. The course will prepare you for work in other countries, especially developing countries.

Global Health

This summer school course in global health will give you a broad introduction to the principles and goals of global health. The course will enable you to participate in the further development of the field as well as partake in the provision of health services at hospitals and health centers in low- and middle-income countries.


Medical Anthropology I. Social Studies of Health and Medicine

This Bachelor level introductory course covers some of the most familiar and important themes in medical anthropology. The aim of the course is to introduce the field of medical anthropology as part of the overall study of culture and society. The course will be based on in depth reading of classic ethnographic texts on health, illness and healing across a range of human societies.

Global Health Challenges

The objective of this summer school course in Global Health challenges is to introduce the students to the effects of globalization on health and health systems internationally as well as in Denmark. We will touch upon topics such as development aid, economics, global actors and health policies, communicable and non-communicable diseases, migration, brain drain, violent conflict, refugees, human rights, poverty and access to health care.

International Health

This summer school course in International Health provides participants with a basic understanding of the health problems facing developing countries and the challenges these provide for their health systems, the topics of the course include tropical medicine, health promotion, disease prevention, sexual and reproductive health, social and cultural aspects of health, child health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, health related to water and sanitation and health in emergencies.

Medical Anthropology II. Biosocialities and Citizenship

This Master level course will examine how anthropologists have begun engaging with the ‘new’ biology, namely genetics, reproductive medicine, neuroscience, stem cell science, etc. The course will take students through this new bio-field with a focus on empirical studies, while critically examining its core concepts of ‘biosociality’, ‘biological citizenship’ and ‘biopolitics’. We will also critically examine whether, and if so how, such a focus on/fascination with ‘frontier technologies’ has come at the cost of other urgent health-related concerns.

Medical Anthropology II. Violence and Global Health: Critical Anthropological Perspectives

TBA – Master level course.


International, Transnational and Global Health

This Bachelor level course provides basic information on major issues in international and global health; explains major players in global health arena and their roles, as well as key themes.

Harmonization, Sovereignty and Diversity

This Master level course is part of the Master in Public Health specialization track in global health. It discusses how the different levels of policy making interact in global health development.

Public Health Research on Global Scale

This Master level course is part of the Master in Public Health specialization track in global health. It discusses priority settings, systems, standard and funding/grant writing issues in global health.

The State of Global Health

This Master level course is part of the Master in Public Health specialization track in global health. It discusses how to measure the state of global health and what the main problems are.


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