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Partners Tanzania

In mainland Tanzania, the Platform on Human Health has formed a joint partnership with Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) and National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR).


Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMCentre) hosts the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (KCMCollege) and Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (KCRI).

Thus, KCMC consists of three pillars:

  • Patient care: KCMCentre is one of the four referral hospitals in Tanzania and a national teaching centre.

  • Training: A constituent collage of Tanzania's largest university Tumaini University, KCMCollege offers 16 health-related degrees and has more than 1100 students making it the second largest academic health training institution in Tanzania.

  • Research: KCRI facilitates research and research training at KCMCentre.


National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) is a Government insitution madated to coordinate, monitor and conduct health research in Tanzania. It is the largest health research institution in Tanzania.

In addition to the headquarters in Dar es Salaam, NIMR has 13 research centers and field stations around the country. NIMR staff teach and supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students in Tanzania and abroad.

Inclusion of NIMR in the partnership provides a unique opportunity for bridging the gap between research and practise as well as for working towards research-based strategy and policy development.

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