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Universities Denmark's Rectors’ Conference

The Rectors’ Conference of Universities Denmark oversees the implementation of the Building Stronger Universities (BSU) initiative, presently comprising four thematic Platforms. It has the overall responsibility for the appropriate use of funds and reporting to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. To solve its tasks the Rectors’ Conference is assisted and advised by the BSU Working Group and Universities Denmark’s Secretariat.

Danish Steering Committee

The Platform on Human Health's Danish Steering Committee comprises a representative from each of the involved Danish universities. All members, including the chairperson and the deputy chairperson, are appointed by the Rector's Conference. The Steering Committee approves the overall Platform activity plans and budgets, guides the division of tasks and responsibilities between the Danish partners, and reports back to Universities Denmark and the BSU Working Group.


The Secretariat of the Platform on Human Health (PHH) is hosted by Copenhagen School of Global Health at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences University of Copenhagen. The Secretariat is run by a full time coordinator responsible for the overall coordination of collaboration between various PHH partners inside and outside of Denmark. The Secretariat also functions as the Platform's Capacity Building Support Unit engaging additional part time staff to support networking, communication and dissemination activities.

BSU Partnership Steering Committee

The BSU Partnership Steering Committee (PSC) provides overall leadership, coordination and strategic guidance to the various BSU activities taking place with a partner institution (or a joint partnership) at a given location. The BSU Platform(s) present will appoint one national and one Danish representative to the PSC. In the case of the Platform on Human Health these two appointed staff will also head the PHH Implementing Committee. The PSC is chaired by the Vice Chancellor of the lead South partner institution, or another senior staff member appointed by the Vice Chancellor. The PSC meets at least once a year.

Implementing Committee

The Implementing Committee is responsible for implementation and coordination of activities across work packages and working groups (WGs). It meets regularly and monitors the progress on the basis of status reports provided by the WGs. The Implementing Committee reports to the PSC annually and provides input for the future strategies and work plans. The Implementing Committee is jointly headed by a national project leader (appointed by the local partner institution) and a Danish counterpart (appointed by the Danish Steering Committee). This team represents PHH in the PSC. All Platform WG leaders are members of the Implementing Committee.

Work Packages / Working Groups

Work Package and Working Group (WP/WG) leaders are responsible for the planning and implementation of an agreed group of activities and for achieving the output and impact as agreed upon in the work plans.

The leader of each WP/WG is appointed by the local partner institution. The WP/WG leader has a Danish counterpart, who is appointed by the Steering Committee in Denmark.  Other members of the WP/WGs include staff and resource persons designated to implement selected activities.

Coordination and administration

Teams of Danish and local coordinators and accountants are designated to support planning, monitoring and reporting activities in order to maintain smooth and efficient collaboration within and between the various entities in each partnership.

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