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Funding Agencies

Funding of the BSU platforms

Core funding

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Danida) has granted a total of DKK 60 million for the core funding of the "Building Stronger Universities" (BSU) phase one (August 2011 - July 2013).

The grant for phase one has been divided between the four thematic BSU platforms in accordance with recommendations from an external, international review panel. The platforms on Environment & Climate and on Stability, Democracy and Rights each have been granted DKK 8 million, while the platforms on Growth & Employment and on Human Health have received DKK 20 million each. The remaining DKK 4 million is allocated to central administration, monitoring and preparation of the next phase.

In phase one the core funding is shared equally (50/50 %) between the South partners and the involved Danish universities. In the third and fourth year (phase two) the share will be 55/45 % and 60/40 % in favour of the South partners.

In February 2012 Danida announced that an additional DKK 19 million has been earmarked for the BSU initiative, covering the period 2012-2014. Focus will be on activities within communication and dissemination of research findings at the partner universities in the developing countries. Details and conditions for the additional funds will soon be decided and announced.

The BSU is aiming at long term partnerships, and Danida has indicated its commitment for phase two with an increased funding from 2013. 


It is a condition from Danida that the Danish partner universities and institutions co-fund the initiative with in-kind input equivalent to their share of the grant (excl. overhead). Part of the in-kind contribution is provided in human resources.

External funding

The BSU partners are obliged to make an active and focused effort to attract additional funding for the initiative. A number of platform activities have a special focus on capacity building in fundraising.

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